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We Do Not Tolerate! In Memory of Jina and for the Freedom of All Women in the World

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More than 7 collectives and organisations and more than 120 people, artists, activists, lawyers, journalists, writers, workers, athletes, teachers, etc. from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey have signed this statement for anniversary of Jina uprising. started this petition

We do not tolerate the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran remains in power after 45 years, condemning women to compulsory hijab, sharia laws, and religious patriarchy.

We do not tolerate that the fascist Taliban government in Afghanistan has reduced women to the point of slavery and that women and girls commit suicide every day out of desperation. During the twenty years of the American-installed republic, the majority of Afghanistan's women also endured pain and suffering.

We do not tolerate political Islam in Turkey imposing sharia laws on women, nor Erdogan's use of nationalism and religion to suppress people and reinforce the foundations of fascism.

We do not tolerate that in Iran, our Kurds, Baloch, Arabs, Lors, and Afghanistani people remain under national oppression, where only the roles of shah and sheik have changed.

We do not tolerate that in Afghanistan, our Hazara, Baloch, and Turk people remain under national oppression while the positions of power for Mujaheds, Taliban, and NATO cronies constantly change.

We do not tolerate that due to poverty, unemployment, war, environmental destruction, and an economy dominated by capitalism-imperialism, our people in the Global South are forced to immigrate, facing death, sexual assault, humiliation, and racism upon reaching their destination.

We will not tolerate that our people in Ukraine are victims of imperialist wars and that the shadow of a nuclear war looms over all of us. We will not tolerate fascism in Europe, the United States, and Israel attacking women and LGBTQAI+. We do not tolerate religious superstition overpowering scientific and creative thinking in an attempt to unify a fragmented society.

We will not tolerate the imprisonment of dissidents, fighters, and freedom-seekers everywhere, nor the burial of the revolutionary spirit, the only solution for the people to break free from this situation.

We are all the oppressed of the world. On the anniversary of the remarkable "Uprising of Jina," which resonates like the world's heartbeat in Iran, we aim to apply everything we have learned to pave the way to overthrow the Islamic Republic, patriarchy, and the system of domination.

Jina's uprising surpassed expectations and targeted the heart of the Islamic Republic: its misogynistic Islamic ideology through the struggle against the compulsory hijab. This uprising compelled groups and individuals in Iran and globally, from artists and athletes to workers, to take a stand and declare their position. Demonstrating the potential of women, Jina's uprising inspired people worldwide and even presented the possibility of revolution to skeptics. It prompted global powers to rally and attempt to contain it within the constraints of a profit-driven system and its associated ideologies. However, a stark reality remains: despite the significant impact of the Jina uprising, the Islamic Republic stands strong.

We must help people realize this deep-seated truth and show that we are earnest about its overthrow. Given all the valiant efforts made, we shouldn't assume that subsequent waves of popular uprisings will naturally become more radical, culminating in a revolution. Revolution means toppling this regime to eradicate these offenses. The call for revolution and a movement towards it must start now. The issue of the compulsory hijab remains pivotal in people's fight against the government, meaning we must continue to challenge both the mandatory hijab and, by extension, the laws of Sharia and the Islamic Republic.

The uprising of Jina shifted people's attention to the opposition against the Islamic Republic. Baseless alliances formed, and pointless divisions arose, breeding illusions and dismay. Neither these alliances nor divisions strengthen the people's stance against the Islamic Republic. The true nature and intentions of the opposition must be elucidated for the masses, distinguishing between perpetuating a society rooted in oppression, exploitation, and repression or abolishing such a society. This emphasizes the need to spur debates about alternative paths among activists.

The global capitalist system has plunged humanity into crisis and paved the way for our unity. We, the anti-war fighters (currently opposing the proxy war between the imperialists of Russia and NATO), advocates against environmental destruction, patriarchy, governmental repression, and prisons worldwide, from Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey to the United States, stand united. Those against Islamic fundamentalist regimes and political Islam, especially in Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey, and against the overarching capitalist-imperialist system that gave rise to these challenges share a collective struggle to champion a new world. Our vision is internationalist since we represent a united front, and every battle we engage in, regardless of where it happens, is a global effort, transcending boundaries.

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  • More than 7 collectives and organisations and more than 120 people, artists, activists, lawyers, journalists, writers, workers, athletes, teachers, etc. from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey have signed this statement for anniversary of Jina uprising. started this petition

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